Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Ivy block repeat...

So many plants and colours, how to see the wood for the trees?! I've had to take a break from documenting colours and take a step back to look at my seasonal colour notebook from a different perspective in order to develop new work inspired from it.

Very excited that the finished Ivy (block repeat) design went off today to be (digitally) printed onto furnishing linen, here's the proof paper prints from my printer today...
Purple Ivy...

I've put a linen repeat texture onto the design to simulate how the colours should look when printed over a natural linen.  
Green Ivy...

I'm not planning a wallpaper - just a visual of the full repeating design...

A furnishing designer told me recently that plants on furnishing fabric should always climb up rather than down. Damn! Ivy does have a habit of pointing downwards - but hang it anywhichway you like!

Check-list (for Land Sea Sky exhibition).

Spider Chrysanth - Printed (yellow and green with a grey shadow), framed - in fact even if I say so myself a truly beautiful prize bloom!
Digital Ivy furnishing fabric...

To do
Screen-print of the Ivy design showing the block repeat - or that's the plan. Inspired by the Pattern element of my notebook.
Bamboo screen-print. Its been a tough decision between Dandelion, Fern, Rose or Bamboo (plant v. colour) but I can only do one more panel now, and (I think) (if there's time) I've decided on this. 
Sketchbook. My Moleskine sketchbooks will be in the exhibition (in a glass case), but I'm planning a digitally printed one off sketchbook for the exhibition.
Postcards (?) maybe

...from my seasonal colour sample notebook.