Thursday, 17 April 2014

Screen printed block repeat - Ivy

At the risk of sending out Ivy spam - here's the conclusion of the Ivy printing! It's the screen printed version of the Ivy design, transformed back into its block repeat form and which repeats perfectly top to bottom and side to side.

The first two screens printed onto natural linen. The linen is 'loomstate' - meaning it's exactly as it came of the loom and not prepared for printing or dyeing. Loomstate fabrics to be printed or dyed must first be scoured, i.e. hot washed with detergents to remove the natural oils/starches. When I scoured this linen it shrank by 10%. If I'd printed it without washing it first this shrinkage would have happened as I'd printed, the print would most likely have completely mis-registered and while I personally think that slight mis-printing is part of what gives screen-prints a wonderful quality and uniqueness, it's best as far as possible to aim for accurate registration!

The third screen is a infill into the Ivy leaves and intended to lift them away from the soft grey base colour of the natural linen.

Finally the fourth screen/colour, is a green textural overlay onto the infill.
Transformed back into an original block repeat form.

This textile print is part of the work I shall be exhibiting at Land Sea Sky exhibition (at the Devon Guild of Craftsmen) from May16th - June 22nd, 2014.

...from my seasonal colour sample notebook.