Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Shoreline colour

It has been raining such a lot again this July and August that it inevitably changes the levels of light and therefore the colour in the landscape. The light levels have seemed more like late Autumn than late August.

While I follow Trend colours looking at past and present inspirational magazines such as View on Colour, Interior View, Viewpoint, Bloom and Mix interiors, I am definitely influenced by the surrounding landscape here in North Devon and also the changing weather patterns

Last weekend after a walk on a pretty amazing beach and unexpectedly dry and sunny weather - see these atmospheric shots taken on the day by Chris Bowman who rarely forgets his camera luckily... Returning back to the squares2 design I had been working on I realised that the day had implanted its colour into my memory and intuitively I was including these (admittedly rather british grey) colours of the landscape into the design I had been working on.

Putting down the colours into squares from my memory initially as a colour reference, this is as I remembered and sent them to Chris - interested to see how they corresponded to the photographic record he had of the day.

Here's how I began interpreting the background grey palette for Squares design I had been working on.

Later adding stronger blue greys and finally as shown in the colourway below, added an accent blue that definitely isn't English seaside - not this year anyway.

Squares is one of the designs I will be exhibiting at 100%design at Earls Court 24-27 September, 2009 - pre-register at 100% design

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