Sunday, 27 April 2014


Selecting just twenty-five favourite images from my notebook pages to exhibit during the Land Sea Sky exhibition is proving difficult, but having to choose just six as postcards has been ridiculously hard! In the end I ran out of time and couldn't faff about any longer. In no particular order here they are...

First: Monterey Cone's remarkable popularity continues, 10,651 page views at this moment. While I do like it - I'm not sure it especially warrants this kind of attention (but I did include it!).

Second: Old Tea Rose. I like this for the drawing as well as the colours. It's discovery on such a cold February day, gave me such immense pleasure and I think I captured something of this in the drawing (which is always astonishing).

Third: Sunflower. "Are there any flowers more full of Summer's sunshine" is what I wrote about this last year in France. I may have even had a glass of wine in my hand at the time...need I say more?!

Fourth: Spider Chrysanthemum. I drew this straight off in pen and ink without sketching which required intense concentration. Now it's screen-printed at a scale of 1.83 metres! It reminds me of my son Josse and feels like only yesterday it/he was only a little plug plant!(x)

Fifth: Bamboo. Elegant, rustles in the wind, reminds me of Sikkim and also 100%Design. Probably one of the most difficult plants I have ever drawn and I really really want a large screen print of it in my living room!

Sixth: Dandelion Seed head - Because I am in love with clocks, watches and therefore of course Dandelions!

...from my Seasonal colour sample notebook.