Sunday, 8 May 2016

Colour from the season - Black Lace Elder - black

As an alternative to "a drawing a day" (which frankly for me is unachievable for one reason or another much of the time), you might like my motivational phrase to myself at the moment - "one leaf at a time."

So yesterday, in order to keep my colour notebook going, (which primarily of course I keep as my own colour and image resource, and inspiration), I decided to draw something simple, just an outline drawing. If all I can manage to sketch is a leaf, then find a leaf that I feel inclined to draw and enjoy drawing it!

Here are the wonderful colours I noted in this Black Lace Elder leaf. An intricate dark red purple leaf, the underside is a very French grey green with deep pink veins throughout. It's woody branches are a pale dry brown and the flowers themselves will be a foam of Champagne pink.

Not quite in flower in my garden - here's the outline pen and ink drawing, alongside it's gorgeous colours..!

...from my seasonal colour sample notebook.