Sunday, 31 August 2014

Colour from the Season - Wild Honeysuckle Yellow

Drawing wild honeysuckle seemed a good way to hang onto something of the scent and colour of summer as it's turned a bit chilly here in Devon. Still flowering on Exmoor, as well as in my garden, I drew this in a hurried but fragrant moment in between re-printing Moorland Rabbit cushions...

"Echo the warm hues and rustic textures of the season with accessories in hewn wood, gleaming copper and rich berry shades"

as spotted in the Emporium pages in September's issue of Country Living magazine!
For sale in my online shop at

...from my seasonal colour sample notebook.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Colour from the Season - Ling Heather purple

If you'd like to see Exmoor Heather in full glory now's the season!

The predominant variety (I would say) is Ling, intermingled with Bell (which I documented a few weeks ago). I definitively was NOT going to draw the Ling with it's ridiculously fiddly detail, but in the end succumbed because it would be an injustice to the Exmoorland colours to leave it just a small branch..!

(Off on a slight tangent... In the language of flowers, Heather can mean Protection,
which reminded me of this great song (and album) by Massive Attack in 1994 with Tracey Thorn).

..from my seasonal colour sample notebook.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

PRESS RELEASE - Masterclass Workshops in Screen-Printing and Photoshop®

This Autumn, I'm very happy to be starting Screen Printing and Photoshop® Masterclass Workshops in my studio. Just over two years ago I was about to set these up when my dad died and I put the whole plan on the back burner. 

Below is the press release that came out today! For more info and booking please visit (or via the link image on the side of my blog). 


For immediate release 21.8.14

Sam Pickard Masterclass Workshops in Screen Printing for Textiles

An internationally acclaimed textile designer is to hold Masterclass workshops for the first time at her Devon studio. Multi-award winner Sam Pickard, whose stunning floral and moorland wildlife designs have sold worldwide, will be holding two day introductory classes in textile screen printing in October and November, in South Molton.
“I am very excited about these classes, and I am looking forward to sharing my skills with people who are serious about learning how to screen print onto fabric, who are enthusiastic and creative, and perhaps want to work towards setting up on their own. I have experience working as a university lecturer with large classes of students, but this is the first time I will be teaching very small groups. I am looking at a maximum of 5 people in each workshop, so that I can offer everyone plenty of individual attention.”

The Introduction to Textile Screen Printing courses will run on 16th and 17th October, and 20th and 21st November 2014. Each workshop costs £250, and will be held in Sam’s spacious premises in South Molton. Beginners are welcome. Some drawing or design ability would be useful, but is not essential.

Participants on the course will learn how drawings can be translated onto acetate, how colour separations take place and how to work with a silk screen. They will also be introduced to different dyes and finishes. “There is something so exciting about screen printing,” says Sam. “It is a fantastic moment when you lift the screen to see the print. I am hoping to convey some of this excitement to the people on my courses. Everyone will have the chance to create their own individual design, printed onto linen. So they will come away with a textile print they can use perhaps to make a cushion or something for their home. It will be a unique and original piece of work, which they have put emotional and creative energy into, and hopefully enjoyed making.” 

Sam’s exquisite floral designs have won acclaim all over the world. Sam has exhibited at top shows including 100% Design, the Chelsea Crafts Fair and New York and San Francisco Trade Fairs.  She is the winner of the prestigious RSA Design in Industry Award, and the RSA Travel Award. Two of her designs were also short listed for the British Design Awards. Closer to home, she is winner of the Devon Guild’s Summer Exhibition President Award.
Her distinctive drawing style combines a bold, modern freshness with the delicate detail and precision of traditional botanical artists. She gains inspiration from her love of the outdoors, and her designs capture the individuality and personality of particular plants with a sense of tenderness and intimacy. Increasingly she is using the exact colours found in nature. Since 2010 she has kept a blog, drawing plants from the North Devon coast and Exmoor, documenting their colours and matching them to CMYK.  “I have a deep love of nature and am fascinated by the variety of colours found in plants. Each time I look closely at a plant I am drawing, I am impressed by the incredible intricacy of the structure, and the range of colours. My blog is now influencing the choice of colours in my screen printing.”
For more information about Sam’s textile screen printing workshops, and to book a place on the courses, visit
Sam is also holding two day workshops on Photoshop® for Textile Design, run jointly with her husband Peter Bishop, a graphic designer and an Adobe Certified Instructor in Photoshop®. These are aimed at professionals who want to learn about digital techniques used in textile printing. The Photoshop® courses will be held in South Molton in January/February 2015. For more details visit

I'm very grateful to Jan Spencer of and the women in the Business Action Group for their invaluable support and encouragement, to James Lochhead for his literary input, and finally to Debbie Manners at for this press release! Thank you.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The little things - favourite things...

The little things in life that make the difference...

...At an exhibition the people opposite your stand are your "view" for the entire show, so it was great to have such talented creatives opposite me at Cornwall Design Fair last weekend and thought I'd share the vista..!

Amy Cooper who makes these absolutely magical porcelain lights inspired by the ocean...

Shere Design - I had to cross the aisle to see the fine detail of the whimsical animals and birds in Helen's wonderful illustrative jewellery but it was worth it..!

100 Metres  Luxurious as well as sculptural, these fabulous ladder scarves are handmade in Cornwall...

and admittedly a little further down the aisle...

Samme Charlesworth Atelier ceramics which are a perfect combination of ceramic and textile!! Hardly surprising then that these plates in deepest Indigo were my 'best in show'..!

I fell in love with this plate embossed with a Chanel printing block, so it came home with me!
The Heart Rabbit, Fawn and Recipe linen napkins (and many more of my product range) come in packs of two and are for sale in my online shop here...

Lastly - my work in the beautiful drawing room at Trereife House. Huge thanks to the Le Grice family for selecting me to exhibit here again!

(Printed as a limited edition of only four !! Three of these cushions have now sold, there is just one left (in a black/white colourway) now in my online shop here).

Monday, 11 August 2014

Cornwall Design Fair 2014

Last minute printing for Cornwall Design Fair, breathed a huge sigh of relief about an hour ago when this Ivy block repeat I'd screen-printed today with a copper finish came off my heat press successfully. So many things could go wrong with this print - but thankfully they didn't, it was one of those spectacular moments!!

Trereife House near Penzance is the wonderful setting for Cornwall Design Fair. This will be the third year I've exhibited and I love the relaxed atmosphere of this fair. There's live music playing in the entrance of the exhibitors marquee, it isn't too big or overwhelming, exhibitors and visitors have a great time rain or shine and the Le Grice family generously open Trereife House to the public and allow work to be exhibited inside. I'm delighted to be showing my work again in their Queen Anne style drawing room, definitely worth a visit if you can make it!

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Heart Napkins for William Morris Gallery...

William Morris Gallery in London have just ordered my 'Heart' napkins !!

For the last two days in the midst of fairly hectic preparations for Cornwall Design Fair next weekend, I've screen-printed, steamed, washed, pressed and packed my Heart Fawn and Heart Rabbit napkins in deep blue, turquoise and red colourways - phew!

silk screened Fawn...

Racking up Rabbits...

The napkins are (exceptionally well!) printed onto 100% natural linen, are fully machine washable and cost £26.50 for a pack of two. They are now available not only from me directly but as of next week I'm really delighted to say, will be in the shop at William Morris Gallery!!!


Friday, 1 August 2014

Colour from the season - Marram Grass cream

It's easy to take familiar sights for granted. When I walked through the sand dunes at Crow Point last week on a mission to draw Marram Grass, I was reminded that although I often have an idea that I know something really well, when I start to look more closely I often find I hardly know it at all. This is why I prefer to draw from life. To hold a plant or object in your hand and examine its form from every angle, you really do get the whole sense of what makes it unique, which you just can't get in the same way from a photo.

The deep roots of Marram Grass play a vital role in stabilising the sand dunes and their spiky (tubular) grey green leaves slow the drift of the wind-carried sand, allowing other plant species to grow and thrive. It's a precarious balance as the dunes endlessly change shape with the ebb and flow of the tides, here are a few of the colours I discovered in these amazing grasses...

...from my seasonal colour sample notebook.