Monday, 11 August 2014

Cornwall Design Fair 2014

Last minute printing for Cornwall Design Fair, breathed a huge sigh of relief about an hour ago when this Ivy block repeat I'd screen-printed today with a copper finish came off my heat press successfully. So many things could go wrong with this print - but thankfully they didn't, it was one of those spectacular moments!!

Trereife House near Penzance is the wonderful setting for Cornwall Design Fair. This will be the third year I've exhibited and I love the relaxed atmosphere of this fair. There's live music playing in the entrance of the exhibitors marquee, it isn't too big or overwhelming, exhibitors and visitors have a great time rain or shine and the Le Grice family generously open Trereife House to the public and allow work to be exhibited inside. I'm delighted to be showing my work again in their Queen Anne style drawing room, definitely worth a visit if you can make it!