Monday, 25 April 2016

Screen Printing in the studio - Gorse

Gorse, in all it's yellow spiky splendour, is out in full bloom on the heath and lanes around Exmoor right now. It flowers all year round of course, but has it's real moment of madness in April and May. What I love most about Gorse is the mixed messages of sweet coconut fragrance from the pea flowers, alongside it's dangerously resilient thorns, and I've tried to capture something of this in my design.

This print for a wall panel has taken over a year from initial drawings and concept, to finally getting onto screen and printed. Maybe the best things in life do sometimes take a bit longer to reach fruition?

Here's the first panel being printed in my studio last week...

Very very dark green..!


I'll be exhibiting the Gorse at these Fairs in 2016: