Monday, 6 September 2010

Best of British!

Fantastic news on my return to the studio this weekend to discover that my laser etched 'Korc Square' tiles have been shortlisted for the British Design Awards 2010 in the Best British Pattern 2010 category !  So a big thank you to Elle Decoration for this!! ...also thanks to Bath Spa University for their Innovation Award which enabled me to develop the tiles from their fledgling state.

Cork is a remarkable material, practically impervious to moisture; it is also a poor conductor of electricity, sound and heat, resistant to most chemical substances and has very good durability. It is a sustainable product and the European cork forests are extremely beneficial to the earths eco-structure.  The cork industry is struggling because of the decline in use from the wine bottling industry and by giving cork a positive new image, my aim was to help promote the revival of this amazing wood.