Sunday, 19 February 2012

Colour overview of memories...

Its good to piece time back together. Here I've brought together some memories of mornings spent with my dad, when I wasn't helping fix a grandfather or fusee clock under his very strict instruction, I would sketch and record some of my seasonal colour drawings.

Colours of a bramble, drawing while we reminisced over his blackberry wine. I'd forgotten my black ink for a snapdragon drawing and he thought it was a poor excuse not to draw that day. Acorns, him in bed too unwell to get up - so I sat and drew these in pencil on my lap.  Upset him that I didn't like begonias (but not when I spilled the ink) and changed my perception of them forever by showing me how remarkable they actually are. Felt intensely irritated with him the day I drew a hydrangea - "I do wish you'd stop drawing dead things".  He strongly disagreed with my comment that hawthorn was the new holly! and in January, when I drew some alder catkins - a drawing so dull I never used it, he reminded me "Sam - colour is everything..."

...from my seasonal colour sample notebook.