Saturday, 7 April 2012

The big and death

Recently I began sketching a sheep's skull that I found on Exmoor, starting two drawings on 22nd Feb and not finishing them, returning to them every so often with the intention of doing so but not being able to. Yesterday, driving back from South Devon, we came upon a beautiful place near the village of Lustleigh. It was a perfect Spring afternoon, lambs gambolling in the fields and so we went for a walk. When I got back I decided to finish off one of the sketches. So here, the two sketches, one finished, one still unfinished and a few photos of the sheep we passed along the way...

Sign for footpath to Lustleigh village indirect, or footpath to road near old Manor House -
wonder how indirect that is?!

Not a care in the world.

Very tame these South Devon sheep
(note how their branding colour co-ordinates with the grass).


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