Saturday, 30 June 2012

Colours of the Month - June

June has been very wet...a monsoon of a month! The blackberry flowers seem to be paler this year, as though the pink has been washed right out of them.

Here are a few colours and drawings I've selected to represent June. Pink seemed to be the dominant colour in the wilds of North Devon, with hedgerows full of Foxgloves, Thistles (just opening), Pink Campion (not yet recorded in my notebook), Blackberry flowers (not quite as pink as last years?!).

The deep blood red blotches from the blackberry leaves are also included, alongside the plumage of the beautiful and sad Bullfinch. Right on the edge climbs the clashing poisonous colours of the Woody Nightshade...

Roll on July!
...from my seasonal colour sample notebook.