Saturday, 10 August 2013

The little things - uplifting articles!

The little things in life that make the difference...

...After a fabulous holiday in France driving 2,300 miles in my VW van, (only one minor incident involving a very sneaky lowdown bollard!). Meandering from the Loire valley to the Pyrenees, exploring a landscape that was more varied, sun drenched and inspirational than I had ever imagined. Highlights included the breathtaking drive over the Millau Viaduct (designed by architect Sir Norman Foster), Chateaus, vines, vineyards and wine! Miles of empty straight roads landscaped with shady Plane and Poplar trees, fields of Sunflowers, Vultures flying like great planks in the sky, and lastly to Bilbao in Spain making time for a visit to the Guggenheim museum (Riotous Baroque exhibition!) and at last getting to see Frank Gehry's architectural masterpiece. Phew - all incredible!

...avenues of Poplars

Olargues (Haut Languedoc)...

On arriving home, I must admit to feeling just a little bit flat - returning to the realities of life again! so it was really uplifting to find a complimentary issue of the latest Period Living magazine (with a five page Artisan feature on my studio/work!) on my door mat! So a huge thank you to Rachel Crow and Period Living magazine for such a lovely article - on sale now..!