Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Colour from the season - Chinese Lantern orange

Keeping a notebook of seasonal colours was I seem to recall, going to be for one year only, but then I discovered that it gave me a greater awareness of the plants and colours around me and kept me drawing regularly, which just in itself has to be good!

I've kept my blog closed to comments as I'm not at all thick skinned, can be easily put off, and can ponder far too long on emails, but thank you to those people who have contacted me, I've really enjoyed hearing from you! Quite unexpectedly it's also brought work my way - which has also been a great pleasure.

Walking Chip today I noted - Rowan berries going over, Spindle pods starting to ripen, Rosa Rugosa hips in full and seemingly never ending splendour, Acorns forming on the Oak, Blackberries ripening or ready to pick - all previous notebook pages and which remind me that another year's passing.

Just when I was wondering what could possibly grab my attention next, whamm! I spotted these fiery coloured Chinese Lanterns (Physalis alkelengi) in the local market. They'd look great screen printed I decided, so that's how I've coloured them...

Looking pretty hot here in a 1950's Freeform Poole Pottery vase, the dog ('s bottom) is by the marvellous (and very collectable) ceramicist David Cleverly! see more of his work here

...from my seasonal colour sample notebook.