Sunday, 9 February 2014

Colour from the season - Magnolia white

In need of some early Spring cheer I bought a few branches of Italian Magnolia from my local market. On Friday they finally shed their gorgeous furry cases and burst from bud to flower!

Drawing from life means you can't wait 'til next week or even the next couple of days - Carpe diem!

Forgetting this, I started the pencil sketch on Friday early evening and on Saturday morning it may as well have been a different flower! I had to finish it from memory which is why (for those who may notice!) it's a little upside down on one petal.

Nonetheless! - I hope the joy from a small sample of Magnolia's Spring colour might uplift you a little (as it did me)...

Saturday flower!

Inspiring image of American Textile Designer Marion Dorn in front of her stunning Magnolia fabric from July 1947 House and Garden, photograph by Horst P. Horst.

This photo is for sale on the Condé Nast website here..

...from my seasonal colour sample notebook.