Sunday, 14 September 2014

Colour from the season Shaggy Ink Cap - Black (and Mushroom Ink)

Last week I spent a few days camping on a woodland site. One of the many magical things I discovered was a small clump of Shaggy Ink Cap mushrooms (Coprinas comatus), which although fairly common, I hadn't seen before (perhaps because they only last a very short time). I decided to collect their ink and then draw them with it…

It's not difficult to make Mushroom Ink from Ink Cap's, I leaned how from the Natural History Museum (kids only!) website here.

First sighting - already past their best.

The following day and they're starting to drip.

Carpe Diem!

Mucky!! (edible too though I didn't sample)

A couple of days later - (Sieved) Shaggy Ink…

After drawing these mushrooms with their ink I can now report:
that it's fairly watery; slightly gritty; and smells strongly even when the ink dries, of wild fungi. I have no idea as to it's lightfastness or longevity but can highly recommend just for fun!!

lovely Vdub...

…from my seasonal colour sample notebook.