Thursday, 31 December 2015

Posy - Gorse, Heather (and a few travel essentials)

Happy New Year!

Christmas was a last minute rush, but yesterday, I had time to get on with some sketching! Walking in the Heddon Valley it was uplifting to see the Gorse glowing with new flowers and buds. I'm sketching a few more of its prickly stems as I have a plan for it. It's colours are on a previous notebook page (here), but instead here's a posy of Gorse and Heather on a wet and windy New Years Eve!

My Christmas presents this year included a few travel kit essentials!

A Schmincke Aquarell waterpan set! (Boxing day fun)...

Paint, Gorse and new super duper specs...

A3, A4, A5 and yes A6 Moleskines with the lovely Loona Doona...

Last but not least - new pocket secateurs - (I couldn't have picked the Gorse without them!)

Roll on 2016!