Saturday, 8 July 2017

Back to the woods - Ivy

I've been waiting for an opportunity (with fair weather and free time coinciding) to photograph some of my work returned to the environment that inspired it and last week I had the chance to do just that.

Rather than going mad and trying to photograph absolutely everything, (and probably failing to get a decent shot of anything) I decided only to photograph two colour-ways of my Ivy Block fabric lengths. Therefore on a sunny afternoon last week we headed down to the woods with camera, tri-pod, fabric lengths, step-ladder and of course Luna to take a few photos.

Here are a few of the best.

They looked really at home...
I wasn't convinced that such a slender branch would hold them, but it did!

Green Ivy...

Luna mooched about doing her thing...

They look good indoors too.

Badgeworthy green...

Exford blue...

My favourite - Rockham red

These hand-printed linens are for sale on my website. Screen-printed to order, the lead times are approximately 4 weeks priced from £65.00 per metre.

The original Ivy colours from January 2013, proving that "mighty things from small beginnings grow" - John Dryden.

Original block repeat design of the Ivy block, with the first Chrysanthemum and Bamboo wall panels for 'Land, Sea, Sky' exhibition at the Devon Guild, June 2014

...from my seasonal colour sample notebook