Thursday, 3 May 2012


Starting a little off shoot on the planet about Chrysanthemums.

I've wanted to grow them for years, always had a thing about them, but its easy to forget when you rarely see them as plug plants anymore.

So.. when I was in my favourite local garden centre (St Johns) a few weeks ago I was happy to come across some in their green house. I was closely examining them when a bloke came up and started chatting to me, he was very funny, an expert on Chrysanths and rather surprisingly! (he won't mind me saying that), he turned out to be the owner of the garden centre. Within 45 minutes I'd learnt a hell of a lot about growing and propagating Chrysanths, as well as a lot of other stuff (sailing, his 3 sons, the garden centre and a joke about a zebra). I left with 6 little plants and so totally fired up with enthusiasm that I've since ordered more plants from a specialist nursery!

Some a bit like these (I hope).

Fantastic name isn't it Chrysanthemum, in the language of flowers it means truth.
All I need now is a couple of sacks of fertiliser...