Saturday, 7 July 2012

Screen Printing - Twine table runners

I've been screen printing in the studio the last few days as I've needed to re-print my Twine table runners, so thought I'd share the print process.
I love screen printing, as soon as I'd learnt to print at Camberwell Art college I was hooked. More recently I've used digital print production as well as laser etching in my work, but for the past year I've been screen printing almost everything I produce again and yes it is labour intensive, but I'm not planning on mass production!

Twine table runner in green colourway... (one at a time)...

Printing the green dye first - the runners are 180cms long so I have to print them lengthways down my print table.

Successful first colour printed.

Lining up the second screen to overprint a black outline.

Printing the black.

Lifting the screen is always a great moment!

detail of a perfect print !