Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Colour from the Season - Chrysanthemum Spider yellow

One of the reasons I'm feeling cheery is because the Spider Chrysanthemums I've been nurturing since May have just started flowering. These are like small explosions of yellow brightening up the greenhouse and that's just the start - I'm expecting orange, pink and even green Spiders right up until Christmas. I briefly considered drawing a real spider to go alongside these blooms as there was quite a big one in the sink at my studio this morning, but decided I'd rather not get that close..!

blow away the cobwebs  (British & Australian)
to do something which makes you feel less tired or bored, especially to spend time outside in the fresh air
Usage notes: Cobwebs are made by spiders (= small insects with 8 legs) and are usually found in rooms or places that no one uses very much.
A stroll along the cliffs will blow away the cobwebs.

(or..Drawing Chrysanthemums while watching outtakes from "Keep Your Head Up" - Ben Howard) 

...from my seasonal colour sample notebook.