Monday, 5 November 2012

Colour from the Season - Schizostylis pink

The colour of this Schizostylis cultivar is an icy pink, quite a brilliant sight in November. They were in flower at Buckfast Abbey when I was there last week - (though this one came from my garden - honestly!)...

I was at the Abbey because I'm working on a number of illustration projects with Buckfast Media Studio leading up to the Abbey's Millennium celebrations in 2018. Buckfast is the U.K's only Monastery which still exists on exactly the site recorded in the Domesday book. It's a very tranquil and beautiful place - the name Buckfast meaning where deer can feel safe...

The Millennium logo - one of three logos I've designed for the Abbey and Media Studio.

Buckfast Abbey (photo by Luke Davies).

Autumn colour in the grounds.

Schizostylis in the Abbey gardens.

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...from my seasonal colour sample notebook.