Friday, 4 January 2013

Colour of the Season - Hydrangea blue

Hydrangeas are beautiful at nearly every time of year, and even more so in places with a far higher than average rainfall (thinking positively here!!). They've become one of my favourite cut flowers, but they're also exquisite when they break down into skeletal forms - or I've always thought so, and I was determined to draw these (whenever I could find a quiet moment) over Christmas and New Year, despite the fact that I was a bit daunted by their intricacy. 

They remind me of the stone-carved arching foliated designs on the ceilings of Cathedrals, so here they are - like aged architectural relics but actually much less fragile than they look. A subtle palette, in pencil and Bombay inks...

Started with the hardest - so it was downhill all the way after that...

Drawing by lamplight..!

Welcome 2013!

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...from my seasonal colour sample notebook.