Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Colour from the season - Hair Moss green (revisited)

Hair Moss is abundant on the Exmoor coastline. I first looked at its colours in my very early notebook pages before I was adding illustrations. Then I noted that the (orange) brown I found in it was exactly the colour of an old Saab I had in London, this is what I wrote:

"Hair moss, likes damp conditions - perfect for it then in North Devon. The (top) brown is the exact colour of a lovely old 70's Saab I used to own which sadly I had to part with when the engine started cutting out every time I turned right - not ideal in London."

(After reading this a friend asked me if I took three left turns in order to turn right, which was very perceptive of him, because that was exactly what I did!)

Much darker green than your common or garden Moss, this is Hair Moss green and the retro browns that accompany it...

(it's the bottom brown in this palette).

...from my seasonal colour sample notebook.