Friday, 8 February 2013

My favourite things - Still life with Ash and old Rose

A few of my favourite things...

Ideas often arrive if I stop thinking about the problem and do something else instead. Going in circles with the background of the set of cushions I've been sample printing, decided to get out for a walk. The sea was rough and the wind incredibly fierce. We could hardly stand on the beach, whether it was the walk or the half of Exmoor ale in the Hunters Inn after, it did seem to blow away the cobwebs!

My favourite things -
is a response to my appreciation of Still Life painting (especially Dutch c.1600 - c.1700), objects I own and love, and some of my favourite notebook drawings put together. 

Still life with Clive Bowen jug (right), ancient Devonshire jug (recycle centre) Old Tea Rose (notebook Feb 2012) and Ash (notebook Jan 2013).

...from my seasonal colour sample notebook.