Sunday, 17 April 2011

Colour from the Season - Rosemary Russet (apple blossom) pink

I've had a notion that the blossom is paler this year. First I noticed it on the cherry tree next door, white this year - but I'm convinced it's normally pale pink blossom. Now the apple blossom is also white fully opened. I painted it pink in 2006, (when I designed Rosemary Russet fabric shortlisted for the British Design awards, 2007), as you see below in one of my original drawings added to this notebook page...but I can't be certain!

Josef Albers states  "First it is hard, if not impossible, to remember distinct colors. This underscores the important fact that the visual memory is very poor in comparison with our auditory memory"...  "Second, the nomenclature of color is most inadequate. Though there are innumerable colors – shades and tones – in daily vocabulary, there are only about 30 color names." Interaction of Color - Yale University Press (2006).

Perhaps Rosemary Russet pink will make no. 31!

(These were most of its colours on Sunday - it also had deep red buds and white petals).

...from my seasonal colour sample notebook.