Monday, 20 August 2012

Treriefe House & Cornwall Design Fair

Back to my seasonal colours very soon - but thought I'd share a few photos from the Drawing room at Trereife House where I was invited to show my work.

The style of the room is Queen Anne from the early part of the 18th century (very Jane Austen!).
I left the fabrics on the rolls, there but in a temporary way. It was very successful.

Thanks very much to the Le Grice family for their generous hospitality.

Budgie Love cushion (well - the room is used for wedding receptions).

The perfect chair for the Monterey Cone to sit on.

Bald Eagle print looking rather stately.

and a little bit cross?

Red Squares fabric contrasting against the green cushions and rolling onto the rug.

Rosetta and Twine runners on Mahogany.

Lastly, not from the house but a detail from my stand in the exhibition tent itself. That particular piece of Twine fabric is now on its way to Maine and the birds flew off to very good homes too.

and look whooo was featured on Elle Decoration fb page about the fair..!