Monday, 20 May 2013

My favourite things – Still life with Night Light Clock

Another in 'a few of my favourite things' series...

I can't remember a time in my life when I wasn't surrounded by clocks and watches. That's because my dad was a watch and clock maker (still strange not to say is). One of my friends told me she remembers when she came to stay once and woke up every hour through the night.

My dad offered me a clock as an incentive to give up smoking and this is the one I chose. Took me a long time to actually own it, as I slipped back a number of times, and though I didn't let on that I was having the occasional roll up again, I didn't take the clock either.

This is a night light clock - the wrought iron surround is Victorian, the dial original of the same period, at the back it holds a candle. It's unusual and I've never seen another like it. However, the real interest (and excitement) was opening the back and discovering that the verge movement inside (almost certainly taken from a pocket watch) was made by a maker called Eardley Norton of St. John St. London, in 1762. One of the most important clock makers in the United Kingdom and clock maker to George III! 

Lichen, Moss, Ivy and Bramble (links to notebook pages), because they seemed the right sort of plants to clamber invasively over something so old.