Saturday, 2 March 2013

Colour from the Season - Song Thrush brown

This week two things a bit out of the ordinary.

For weeks a friend (Pete) has been enjoying the song of a Thrush, then on Thursday, he found it dead  in his garden and was very upset about it. (He thought it was probably chased by a bird of prey causing it to fly into a shed and break its neck). He knew that I would like to draw it, and I did. It was incredible to draw and hold a Song Thrush I can tell you.

I sketched it twice - below some of the sketch developments,  I overworked the (first) sketch, because, well, I think I wanted to do my best, for the Song Thrush as well as for Pete's sake..!

First sketch at different stages ending in above...

Second sketch, much faster, I liked the detailing in the wing, and preferred the looseness of the drawing, but the first sketch won out for composition.

Then I got an email (Friday) offering me a late stand at the Selvedge Spring Show (A Textile fair in London) - in 3 weeks! - which I've taken them up on - better get printing...

...from my seasonal colour sample notebook.